Marketing Director (Advertising)

From this point on most of the posts on this is basically going to be homework for me. I’m just going to try interpret each aspect of marketing from my own perspective (with the basic knowledge I have) and then go out and see how far off I am and continue to learn and expand my knowledge more.

When advertising a product or a company it is important to highlight what ever you are trying to convey in a very creative manner. Whether that is new features or the product itself it is important to cover many different situations and scenarios, which would help gain larger target audiences, and having a vast majority of different types of people is very beneficial for the company. As well as the creative challenge involved there is also a psychological factor that comes into play, which should also be in the forefront of the advertising process in any company.

The main purpose of an advertisement is to; persuade, inform and to influence people to chose what you are trying to push out, adding psychological factors is actually an amazing process and let me explain why. It’s not just important to give all the facts and figures because it’s too black and white. It’s too much of a logical decision and it’s much easier for your audience to weigh up the risks and benefits, in addition to that… It’s pretty boring. Evoking feeling and emotion into your advertisement not only increases the benefits the person watching sees, but it also decreases the risks attached and that’s where the creativity comes into play and it’s an enjoyable challenge.

In today’s day an age you see a lot more advertisements implementing things such as; stories, certain colours, adding music or dance, or even adding celebrities or people that have a certain influence that can evoke an emotion from the people watching.

One company that has really benefited from fusing both of these techniques isthis technique of adding feeling and evoking an emotion from its audience is Compare The Market. I don’t know if anyone remembers but there ads back in the days where their adverts were really basic to be honest with you and it always ended with that little jingle “Compare The Market, Dot Com.” The whole thing felt so robotic, especially with that little jingle at the end, which was a poor attempt of “spicing it up.” Whoever the person was who thought of ingenious idea it was to bring in “Compare The Meerkat” deserves a raise triple the amount they’re already being paid because ever since they brought out the meerkats there has been such a rise in their company. With the meerkat’s they were able to add a story (with Sergei, Aleksandr etc.), implement emotion with laughter and happiness, and were able to expand on their company by adding products such as toys because people loved them so much. Also through their new advertisement people actually wanted to have meerkat’s as pets and their was actually a boost in people purchasing meerkat’s, which shows how powerful the right advertising technique can be.

Meerkat Celebrities Aleksandr And Sergei Make Their Way Down Under

Not only do they advertise the benefits of choosing their company, but they also evoke feeling into their audience reaching many different types of people as I mention, which is a perfect combination to a successful advertising campaign.

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