This is more for yourself, but this can still be applied to basically anything you’re trying to market. ATTENTION IS EVERYTHING, and the best way of getting attention is finding a gap in the market or going into something that is still relatively new so there isn’t a lot of saturation in that specific market. When you’re in that market it is important to create a lot of content and to spend a lot of money on ads.

In this new world of social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.) online marketing is definitely what is bubbling up now and it’s best to utilize it now because when the big companies realise that all the money they’re pushing into TV ads (which no one watches anymore) isn’t working like the ads on social media, they’ll begin to flood that market and that will cause the prices of ads to sky rocket and on top of that you wont be seen as much due to the fact there would be so many people advertising in that realm.

The most important asset when it comes to marketing is attention, and if you’re not producing any words, pictures or videos for social media, (because that’s where it’s at right now) you’re really losing. Imagine how successful the first person was or the first few people that started doing email marketing. Since barley anyone was doing email marketing the people that received the emails paid a lot more attention to it and the brand or whatever they were trying to advertise gained a lot more ATTENTION. Now every single company has started doing it barley anyone looks at it, as it’s so common now and at such a capacity it all just seems like junk so no attention will be paid to it.

I’m really just trying to highlight the point of finding that gap and creating a lot of content in it, thus capitalizing from it. The better under priced attention you can gain, the more traffic you can gain.

It’s important to know that the world is forever changing and you should always be on the look out on what the new thing is going to be. I mean look at TV, does anyone even watch it anymore (unless it sports), like honestly. Everything is all online now, the “new TV” is in the form of Netflix, like imagine advertising on Netflix. I don’t know how that would work, but it’s just being active on what the new wave is and capitalizing early from it. Right now the internet and social media is the new wave of marketing and the TV is becoming the thing of the past, so make sure you rack up a lot of attention from it until the new wave rolls in.

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