How To Start A Business

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t really a step to step guide to starting a business, but these are just certain things that I feel you need to have during the process.

The two things a business needs are mechanics and dynamics.

Mechanics: These are the budgets for the business and the skills needed to produce the reports for the bank, etc.

Dynamics: These are the most important in a business. These include ideas, passion, drive, and initiative. These characteristics are all to do with people. To run a business, being a leader, you need these qualities

(the dynamics should lead a business, but make sure the mechanics are right).

Before starting your business, make sure you are definite with your vision. What are the questions you would ask yourself before starting? It shouldn’t be “I think,” it needs to be “It will.” That mindset will push you further when it comes to anything in life. Set your expectations high so you will work harder.

If you’re still thinking of what business you can start, I feel it should be the urgent desire to find something new, like finding a gap in the market.

There are some things in one country that might not be in another, so you can be able to find gaps in the market abroad and implement those ideas there. Also, most of the best ideas come out of personal frustrations, so things that personally trouble you might be the next best thing for the masses. Create something that makes other people’s lives better/easier.

It’s also important to surround yourself with successful people or like-minded people, maybe having a mentor to guide you and to show you the best way. When you’re around these types of people, their energy bounces off you. Ask these people questions and learn and listen from them, you will gain a lot of qualities and knowledge. On a side note, to be a great leader, you also have to be a great listener.

Most importantly, you need to discipline. Always look into the information that needs gathering, but even more importantly, TRY AND ENJOY LIFE! Do things where you can get a massive perspective on everything like travelling or going to certain places or just something that you enjoy doing and always start your day right.

Of course, loads of people won’t believe in you when you start, but you know what. That is an advantage! You need to be crazy in business and see opportunities in problems. The longer they think you’re crazy, the better it is for you. If it doesn’t work out at first, come back with a different angle or come more prepared, but always be true to yourself and PROVE THEM WRONG!

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