My First (and only) Fight

OK Boom! We have to go aaallllll the way back to primary school for this one. So, I just got into year 3, which was the start of the ‘big boy sides’ in my primary school anyway and on this day we were playing football at lunch time. There was only one pitch (well it wasn’t really a pitch just a chalked out one on the floor outside) and the rule was that each day each year would have a day on the pitch and no other year group will be allowed on when it wasn’t their day., and on this day it happened to be our go.

So after we ate lunch we all went out to play football and I was in goal that day. I was taking my goal kick and I had no real target to be honest I was just kicking the ball as far up as I can. BARING THE RULE IN MIND, there was this girl running on the pitch who was in the year above (I think her name was Marie or Maria or something like that) and the ball just happened to smack her right on the head. Now it wasn’t intentional, like I said I was just kicking the ball up as far as possible, but as soon as it smacked her on the head everyone started laughing and she immediately turned around and started walking towards me.

I can tell she’s upset about it and whilst she was walking towards me I kept saying “Sorry,” but she wasn’t even responding to it, she just kept walking in dead silence towards me until she finally got up in front of me and started swinging with no hesitation. So she’s swinging punches at me and I’m trying to block her punches and everyone can see what’s going on so as usual a big crowd forms with people screaming “OOOOOOOOOO” and shit like that so now it’s all a bit long. Now I’m not a violent or angry person (believe me it takes A LOT to get me angry) so I didn’t want to hit her, but whilst she kept punching me and I wasn’t retaliating, one those punches hit me one certain type of way and in that moment a switch went off in my brain and all I saw was red. After that punch I just started swinging sooo recklessly and honest to God my eyes were closed throughout the whole thing. By the time the teachers came and broke us up and my eyes were open this girls mouth was so blooded up and she was there crying still willing to carry on fighting (girls are mad honestly).

Anyway after all of that I got sent to the headteacher and I had to explain what happened. And non surprisingly enough I didn’t get in trouble (honestly our headteacher in primary school was the best), but she did say to me “I could have done more to prevent the whole thing,” Like really???? HOW!

But yep, the only fight I’ve had is with a girl and I don’t want to here that “Boys shouldn’t hit girls” bullshit because no one can ever give a valid reason for it, but I will say this though. NO ONE SHOULD BE HITTING ANYONE, BUT IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO BE READY FOR THE REPERCUSSIONS. “Everybody is killer you just have to push them to the limit”



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  1. LOOOOL you’re something else

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    1. officialosi says:

      Loool, I’m the victim wdym 😂


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