Dear Me,

Dear Osi
I’ve had this on draft for a while because I didn’t fully know what to say, and plus there’s a lot in store that will turn your world upside down.
Now I’m not at work currently I thought this would be the best time to tell you how far you will come within yourself. I know it seems like I’m chatting the most shit (believe me, who else would know) with all the rejections from everyone, people dashing you to side for no apparent reason, all the shit you get daily from everyone from school and home, and feeling alone all the time, but later on you’ll meet people that will really impact your life for the better and the ones that are still here when you’re 22 (I know, so old) are the ones that are meant to be, although there are a couple that turn sour around this time, but it’ll be nothing to you at this stage. What you should always keep with you despite how it seems is that you have a different type of light inside you that touches every single person you come in contact with that you’ll eventually learn to consider and care for. I mention it because I know how useless and insignificant you feel in the world and you’ll soon realise the impact you have towards everyone around you. You’re going to go through ‘evolution changes,’ but what is important is that the core of YOU always remains YOU, and weather that storm because I already know you’ll come out the other side a better person mentally. One thing you should know is adults are not always right (if not at all really). The world is changing and whatever Mum says is not gospel and should not be treated as such because it doesn’t put you first and that’s not the way. The education system will be a struggle, but through it (more so in university) you’ll meet people that give you a new lease of life that actually gets you through the other side, in turn finding your calling.

Here’s a couple of things you’ll probably want to know though:
You’ll always love Naruto (unfortunately Sakura doesn’t die)
But jokes aside it’s totally fine that you have no idea what you want to do with your life, just keep doing what you’re doing and it turns out pretty ok from where I’m sitting right now. DON’T take advice from your Mum or most aunties an uncles because their views only bring you down and they have a different mindset… I promise you’re fine and you’ll figure it out eventually you’re just a late bloomer (In so many things, but you’ll get there lol). You’ll learn a lot from the shit you went through and through it you’ll become a different type of strong.

I can’t lie you’re going to go through the maddest roller coaster ride and most of it will be going down, but just remember, you will be just fine.

Big Os

P.S. Bet on Leicester to win the 2015-16 premier league season. You’ll be rich

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  1. This is warming x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. officialosi says:

      Looking back at it I left a few things out, but it’s better like that. But thank you anyway 😊


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