Saturday 1st September 2018

Well… the only thing I can talk about really is CARNIVALL!! If I knew it was going to be this good I would have taken pictures to put here, but honestly it was amazing (especially compared to the year before). I wasn’t even going to go, but my cousin came through at the last minute (honestly he came to my house early hours in the morning). We set off around 10am and immediately trekked to “the spot” and we were just vibesing. I’m not going to lie though I was scared to dance with anyone because I didn’t know how old these girls were because most of them were looking very young I’m not going to lie so I was just holding guys up whilst they were catching whines.

Fast forward a couple hours later and we had to leave because my cousin was sick. I mean who gets sick off echo falls?????? This is the drink that girls be drinking at university, you honestly can’t be sick from that honestly. I was low key mad because I was still to hyped to be going, but even so, during my time spent there I met the most amazing girl. At first she was just fine as hell, but have you ever felt like you’ve known someone for your whole life even though you’ve just met? Being with her just felt so comfortable and I swear it felt like our souls were connected. Long story short she’s 6 years older than me and despite her admitting everything was perfect, the age difference is too much for her and so nothing can come from it.

As upsetting as it is, it’s honestly kool. The whole day was definitely eventful and will forever be in my memory and who knows, maybe next year (if I go) I might actually find my carnival babes lol.

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