Top 20 Tracks Right Now (Part One)


I know it’s usually 10, but I honestly haven’t had the chance to listen to new music for a while so I’m going to make a big bundle. And plus, if I leave some of them off they’ll become old and I got to show love to them before they go. Don’t worry though, I’ll put in into part’s because I don’t want drown anyone in one post. So here’s the first 10!


20. iLL Blu (feat. Krept, Konan, Loski & ZieZie) – Chop My Money

To be honest with you I only clicked on this song because of Krept & Konan as I always want to see anything new they put out or they’re on. I feel like their songs before they got signed haven’t popped like before that and I’m always eager to hear what the new one is to see if it’s at the hype before. In addition to Loski I do not know the other two on the track, but the song is kool nonetheless so it makes it definitely makes it at number 20.


19. Tyga – SWISH

I didn’t really like this when I first heard it. I thought it was ok, but a cheap imitation of Taste. I kept listening to it though (because there wasn’t really anything new coming out like that) and it grew on me. It also inspired me to make strip club tunes (which is in the works). Panty Liner EP soon come lol.


18. Not3s – Just Fine

Not3s back with a new one. He definitely dominated this year and he’s back with a kool bop for your headtop.


17. NAV (feat. Travis Scott) – Champion

I don’t really listen to NAV that much to be honest, but I really like the vibe of his music and this another one added to the list.


16. 90 Bagz (feat. Yxng Bane) – More Muni

I’m not going to lie, the beat and Yxng Bane make this song for me lol. I’ve never heard of 90 Bagz before this, and it’s not that he’s bad, but I don’t think this song would be as good or even on this list if it wasn’t for Yxng Bane (plus he was the reason I even clicked on the song in the first place lol).


15. DJ Khaled (feat. Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper & Quavo) – No Brainer

This is exactly the same as Tyga’s SWISH. I’m The One 2.0. Grew on me after a while 🤷🏽‍♂️.


14. Tory Lanez (feat. Rich The Kid) – TAlk tO Me

I haven’t really got anything to say, but its a kool bop nonetheless.


13. Quavo – W O R K I N M E

I feel Quavo can do waay better than this, but this is better than L A M B T A L K and is still a good song, so into number 13 it goes.


12. Cardi B (feat. Kehlani) – Ring

I heard this once before, but I didn’t really care about it. I don’t if it’s because the visuals have come out, but I actually really like this song and I wish it was a bit longer. The production is so good and the Kehlani’s hook goes so well with the beat. I just love the whole thing really.


11. LD (feat. Dizzee Rascal) – Stepped In

You really forget Dizzee is that guy because he’s gone away from the “roots.” I’m not going to lie though Dizzee really goes in on this track and kind of makes the majority of this song. Not to take anything from LD though, as he is really the one carrying the 67 name right now.


10. Maleek Berry (feat. Chip) – Love U Long Time

This song definitely needed to be released earlier. I’ve only listened to it twice (one of the times being during writing this post) and if I had a couple more plays beforehand I feel it would be definitely higher up in my rankings. Nonetheless it’s a kool song, with a great vibe and I honestly didn’t think Chip would be so comfortable and sound so effortless on a Afrobeat/ Afropop song. He is honestly so versatile.

Part one of My Top 20 is done for now. Find out tomorrow what My Top 10 is and what song makes Number 1, and who knows. You might add a couple of tunes to your playlist 😊.

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