Top 20 Tracks Right Now (Part Two)


It’ll probably be a bit late when the post finally goes live, but here’s the Top 10 tracks from the Top 20 right now!

10. D’Banj (feat. Gucci Mane & Wande Coal) – EL CHAPO

I recently wrote about this song on my Really I’m the Plug series, which you can check out here:, but nonethless this a banger from D’Banj who has kind of gone quiet in the music scene

9. Ambush (feat. Chip & Skepta) – Jumpy (Remix)

Another song on the list that ended up growing on me. To be honest with you Chip and Skepta probably make this song for me as I would never listen to the original lol.

8. 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz – FEFE

When everyone was (and probably still) was hating on this song I actually liked it lol. There’s something about this 6ix9ine guy and I don’t know what it is, but he makes bangers lol. This song has been out for a while so it’s kind of dropped down in my rankings, but it still pops anyway.

7. Legendury Beatz (feat. Wizkid & Mugeez) – Undercover Lover

When Tinie Tempah was making Junk Food I heard the smallest snippet of this song on his mixtape YouTube channel and I was trying to look for it for the loongest, but with no avail. I recently went to my friends graduation party and the DJ played this exact song and that snippet popped up and it felt like finding money in your jacket pocket that you forget about 😁. Definitely vibes.

6. King Combs (feat. Chris Brown) – Love You Better

I heard the audio of this first and I thought it was just OK. But yet again when the visuals were released for the song it just sounded better lol. Diddy 2.0 definitely has the old school Mase/ Puff vibes and it looks like he’ll definitely be making a lot of noise in the future.

5. Paigey Cakey (feat. Geko) – Loving You

I honestly feel this is a new school classic because I haven’t gotten bored of this song since it has come out. I don’t really like most of the stuff Paige puts out, which is weird because the stuff she previews is fire, but most of the stuff she releases isn’t as good so I don’t know. Putting that to the side though, this is definitely a tune and deserves it’s spot at number 5.

4. 6ix9ine (feat. Anuel AA) – BEBE

When I first heard this it was on replay non stop lol. This 6ix9ine guy again, I don’t know what it is you know lol. Honestly he’s a marketing genius lol. On a side note though, the girl 6ix9ine is with in the video is fine as hell, lawd have mercy 😍😍🍰.

3. Br3nya – Good Food

Again I talked about this on Really I’m the Plug, which you can check out here again at:Β This is such a tune honestly.

2. Travis Scott – SICKO MODE

Can you believe I still haven’t listened to ASTROWORLD yet, yeah I know. Nonetheless this song is a FUCKING BANGER!! The production value on this is amazing, especially adding to the fact that there’s like three different beats on this one song. The whole thing put together so well right down to the features and would have definitely been number one if it wasn’t for the pengting up next.

1. Osi – Run Up A Cheque

I heard this new guy made this song. You should probably check him out. I heard he’s fine as hell as well.

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