Really I’m the Plug Ep. 32

Really I'm the Plug

Another swerve in the programming, next up is Ashleyi – You Brothers Don’t Know

It’s been a while since Ashley has come out with anything, which he explains in his podcast (which I’ll link below after this). He usually comes out with something consistently so I was thinking what happened to him because I know he is really passionate about music, so it was weird when I hadn’t seen an update on his YouTube channel for a while. But he’s back with his new track You Brothers Don’t Know. The reason I really like this song is because the instrumental is a lot more modern, so for me being in the generation I am in I can get into the song a lot easier because that’s what I’m used to listening to (not that all the music that comes out now is actually good, but yeah). But that mix of real rap and a modern day beat makes the music more heavy hitting and creates more of an impact. You can check out Ashleyi’s new track above, and you can listen to his podcast below.

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