Man in the Mirror

You’re a handsome guy
But I don’t think you’re all that all

You make people smile
My gosh you’re a bore

You have an incredible soul, that touches everyone you meet
And that what makes them leave, because that soul fucking reeks

And you’re so, so clever, my gosh you’re mind is amazing
But if you were to get simple questions you’ll be sat there gazing

You have a heart of gold, no wonder why you’re treasured so much
But everyone you love seems to always have had enough

These thoughts are all my own and they’re coming from the heart
And the figure in the mirror sees different forms of art
And it always makes you wonder what’s pondering in your heart
Because it always seems better when you’re looking outside
Man in the mirror can only see what he feels inside
So which side of the mirror is the one telling lies

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  1. guruboxblog says:

    Man in the Mirror…good one…

    Liked by 1 person

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