Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the management of a company or an individual’s social media pages. Within the management of their pages, the main goal is to create more revenue, attracting more attention and awareness for the client.


Each company or person has specific goals/ problems and your goal is to resolve them. It is important to list what the client’s goals/ problems are (preferably on Excel) as solving these will generate more money for them as well as yourself. For example, a restaurant may be under-performing on Tuesdays way more than any other day of the week. One solution to this problem could be implementing a new Two For Tuesday’s deal and advertising this new addition to the restaurant. Everybody loves a deal and this will draw the attention needed. Solving each problem/ targeting each goal will boost business for your clients and well as giving yourself a wonderful track record, enticing more clients.

In this new digital age we’re living in, everything is coming online. TV, billboards, radio etc. is becoming a thing of the past so its best to take advantage of social media now!
Social media advertising is probably the most powerful form of advertising in the world right now, and with Facebook having over 2 billion users on its platform alone, it shows just how big the scale of people you reach in one spot at one time. Social media advertising is the great way to reach a mass audience as well as being super easy to use, whether a small business or just starting up as an individual, its a great way to spread your content around to a mass of people that wouldn’t see it otherwise.

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