6th November 2018 (Wasted Time)

You know when you feel nothing is going your way, (even though that’s the case 100% of the time for me) last month was really that month. I did actually get a job for a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, and though it was voluntary it’s something to put on my CV and it’s great experience. During the interview, we discussed what needed to be done, how to do it etc. And after that day I get nothing. The guy literally ghosted on me. I tried to reach him but with no response, I just thought “This guy isn’t serious,” but it did bring me down again because it doesn’t feel like I’m going anywhere.

A week later he did message me stating he was going to do what we talked about, but please ask me if I heard from this guy again… In between that, I was still applying for retail jobs (yes it has gotten that bad) and I eventually got a call from Iceland to come for an interview, shouldn’t be that hard right? Fast forward to the day now and my interviewer is not there… Apparently, he was in a meeting somewhere else and “forgot” to tell me. 2:30 pm was the rescheduled time and you can probably guess what happened when I came back right? You guessed it, he’s not there. A sudden “family emergency” arose and now I’ve wasted however much on the bus to go there and back TWICE for a no-show up, not even having the decency to let me know. Despite all of that it was rescheduled again for the day after, and just to cut this short, he wasn’t there again. And have I heard from him since? Nope.

The thing that made this even worse is that as I was applying for jobs again I stumbled across the same Social Media & Marketing Coordinator ad for the job “I GOT/ HAVE” and it just made me feel shittier about the whole situation and my situation with life. I understand “Thing’s take time” and “Keep going” and all of that shit, but when is the kid ever going to catch a break. In my whole life, I never have and it seems like I never will. Even a fucking Iceland job I can’t get and everything in my life is just becoming very pointless…

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