Friday 9th November 2018 (Fear)

I was in the studio this week to record an R&B track and I was so calm about it before stepping into the booth. Suddenly a heap of anxiety and fear overwhelmed me all because I was about to sing.

I’m no Usher, but I can definitely hold a decent melody, and the fact I KNOW I CAN DO IT was just bugging me even more. I didn’t get to finish the track, but even still it didn’t come out very well because of my problems and this is what really made me think about fear.

Like Will Smith said in After Earth “Fear is not real, it’s a choice.” And it puzzling why I chose to be scared in that situation and in other situations in my life where it’s not required.

It really didn’t sit well with me and since that day I’ve been attacking everything that causes “fear” and anxiety in me without hesitation and I’ve seen a really big difference that I’m super happy about. I’m going back to the studio tomorrow to record the song THE RIGHT WAY, and hopefully y’all will get to hear it soon.

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