Music Marketing #1

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to start writing about music marketing because it’s something I should know this myself, but if it benefits another person then that’s even better! This first post is going to be a bit off track to what you’re expecting, but it’s something that will definitely bridge the gap between you and supporters.

1. Being Personal

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Being accessible to supporters is a key (especially in this day and age). Having that connection with supporters builds more of a relationship even if they’ve never met you before. Showing something like putting milk before the cereal could make the people that do that like you more (by the way, you’re a very weird person lol).

Being relatable is one way of being personal and this could be done by creating a podcast. A podcast is more stripped back than TV allowing you to fully voice your own opinions on certain topics. People will appreciate you being yourself and gravitate towards you more because you may share the same opinions as them.

Having a story or stories to engage your audience is very important. People hear their story through your story, so opening up a bit builds that extra personal connection between you and the people. You don’t even have to have the greatest of music, but if you have a story people can relate to or sympathize with they are surely going to stick around for the long haul.

Small things as well such as staying after shows to talk goes a long way showing that you care. Engaging with people is one the best ways to truly market yourself SO DO IT!

2. Be Fast

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Most artists ask questions on their social media page and then after… nothing. Just don’t leave things hanging you know. After a show “Thanks for coming…” New Video “How are you guys liking…” After an Ad “Go check this new…” Just try and keep things in motion, always engaging, and always ask and answer questions as quickly as possible, people will love it.

3. Be Professional

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People wouldn’t want to deal with you if you’re coming off “cheap” so make sure everything is on point. The audio is crisp, the video is high quality, jewel casing for CD’s, be on time, be organised etc. All these things should be a no-brainer anyway, but if not, MAKE SURE YOU’RE DOING IT.

4. Others

Before I talked about demographics not being that important in marketing but in music, it kind of is. By knowing the demographics of your audience you can plan your attack on how you’re going to market yourself and your music. For example, the younger kids love SnapChat (like honestly, they have over 100-day streaks with like 20 people, I mean who cares) so maybe focusing more on that will benefit you more if your audience is younger. But that shouldn’t mean forgetting about the other forms of social media.

Also, I would encourage any artist to start a YouTube channel and regularly post content on it. If you didn’t know YouTube is owned by Google, so Google will always prioritize YouTube searches hence why they’re always at the top SO USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

I might have missed out a couple, but I’m in a rush currently so sorry about that. In my next post, I will be ironing out what needs be and talking more about the music side, which I know is what is on peoples mind.

But it is important to sell yourself more than the music. I mean why do you think people love Cardi B so much huh?

Image result for cardi b gif
Think about it.

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