King Beats: Soul Searching Vol 1.

Recently Marlon King Beats dropped his new beat tape Soul Searching Vol 1. With over 800 SoundCloud followers it’s clear his infectious old school new school sound is slowly making waves you should be looking out for.

Following on from his first beat tape CZAR: The Beat Tape, Soul Searching Vol 1. lays on the foundations from the first tape, but offering a different tone. With a more soulful/ jazz mellow Hip-Hop package, Marlon has cooked up a delicious instrumental package leaving a sweet sensation to listeners ears. Right from the jump with the beat Searching, you already hear that timeless feel that could easily be combined with Legendary artists such as Nas or Slick Rick and this can be said right through to Remedy.

Aggression and ‘turning up’ isn’t really what Soul Searching Vol 1. is all about. It’s feel-good music, that real shit that your Grandma be listening to screaming “Y’all know nothing about this,” but it’s mixed with that new school flavor. It’s Sunday afternoon music. It’s music you and your mum could listen to together. It’s that shit that’s going to last.

Take a listen to Soul Searching Vol 1. on SoundCloud and Marlon’s other projects here:

Download Soul Searching Vol 1. on Google Play here:

Follow Marlon on Twitter here:

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