#WomenAreTrash (Part One)

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to write this one. I have so many “great” stories with the females that have been in my life, but I’m not going to talk about every single one. I’ve chosen this girl because there’s more to this story, but that will only be uncovered if I get to a position in life where I’m comfortable enough to share.

So it’s December, and I’m in my third year of uni. My friend invited me to a party and I thought “Yeah, I can get really drunk so I have the confidence to talk to this girl” (that’s another novel within itself). So I get ready to make my way there and THERE’S NO MIXER!

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On top of having a bottle of Vodka with nothing to drink it with, nearly everyone at that party was speaking french apart from me, my friend and like 5 other people.

An hour and a bit later my friend Susan comes with Mahisan and her housemates and thankfully, with MIXER!!

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Not going to lie the party was dead so we were all outside just chilling. With this wonderful inclusion of sprite, I’m now here backing my drink and enjoying my life. I ended up talking to Susan’s housemate (I’m not going say her real name because if I end up telling the other half of the story I want to keep her confidentiality, so let’s just call her Hannah). Hannah was the only black girl that was looking a little “sommin sommin” (apart from that other girl who threw up and that’s a no-no) so it’s natural I would gravitate towards her. So we talking and talking and honestly, you would think she’s the sweetest girl ever, but hmph. Let me just continue the story. After a while, we all decided to go back to Mahisan’s house.

Please tell me why when we got back the other girl who was with us (who shall not be named) and Mahisan’s housemate were getting it on, on the couch next to us (Nah seriously, she was putting in wooorkk lol). While they were getting it on, I and Hannah decided to go to Mahisan’s housemate’s room to have a look around, not going to lie I just pushed her on the bed and we just started kissing. After a while, she was like “What if he comes in” and I replied “So what” and just continued lol. I did stop soon after because I did feel bad for doing this on his bed and I was actually worried that he would come in lol so we just took our antics back on the couch we were at.

Imagine Mahisan comes back down from his room and sees each of us getting on, on both couches like…

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(Remembering his face when I looked up after he turned on the lights is hilarious)

Apparently, Susan threw up so he was coming downstairs to get her some water. I went up to go check up on her with him and Mahisan’s housemate and the other girl were still going at it heavy (honestly they might as well have been having sex). After the Susan debacle we decided to go home (well to Hannah’s anyway 😏) with Susan’s other housemate (who was literally sleeping all through) and the other girl (Rahul’s lover).


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So it’s me, her and Hannah on the same bed and me and Hannah are doing our “thang,” but obviously, the other girl is there so it’s a bit…

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Believe the other said and I quote “You guys can do whatever you want to do, I don’t care I’m tired”

I don’t want to get too descriptive, but minus sex, I’ll leave y’all to use your imagination.

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So anyway it’s the next day and she wanted me to come back, which is kool. So I go home shower and all of that jazz and head right back. We all ended up watching a movie in Hannah’s room (minus Susan) and then everyone left. I’m not even going to talk about the massages and all that because all in all after everyone left, we had sex (you could have probably guessed that anyway).

After round 2 she then tells me “I think I’ve caught feelings and I don’t want to”

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I didn’t mind what she said, it was just a shock how soon it was, in addition, I had recently just come out of a relationship and I didn’t want to rush into anything so soon (though I did like her), so in TONGUE AND CHEEK I replied “Well don’t then”

“WOOOOW” she replied (you know that playful overextension of a word you girls like do). Obviously, I was joking as I said to her and we went back to our shit as normal. She made me food and I ended up staying the night again before I went back home.

It’s unfortunately in my nature that I happen to be a sweet boy hence why I was doing stuff like making her Spotify playlists (though she loved it). Since that day we were always talking on the phone, but something was off…

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