For a while, I was feeling like I’m wasting my youth (even though I feel I’m old). Being at uni going out every week, daily antics, just being extremely active in life. Now I’m back at home I felt like I was wasting the “good times” that I have left.

I loved interacting and meeting new people at uni, and the only way to really do that is going out. London is expensive and it’s not as easy to get a group to go out with like in uni, in addition to that, it’s not always as enjoyable as it used to be. Some days at uni I used to go out by myself (yes I know), and I would end up meeting new people or a group so naturally. Post-uni I’m stuck at home trying to find a job whilst keeping myself busy, but it’s sad because everything seems to be fading away slowly.

I think all these thoughts are part of the “post-university package,” but after really thinking about it, have I actually wasted my youth?
University is so much like a bubble and you get wrapped up in this little world that everything else seems foreign. Pondering on it I really didn’t waste my youth, from 18 to 21 I was really living up the best I could (despite circumstances) and I think the switch to the struggles of the real world has made me think I’m wasting my youth away, but the times have changed.

Do I miss going out every week, not really lol, do I miss meeting a whole bunch of new people, yes, but the real reason my youth is being wasted is because I haven’t progressed since leaving university and I want the biggest head start for myself, so it’s easier in the long run, but it’s hard. If there’s one thing I still have trouble grasping it’s that I’m still young and have a lot of time to get where I should be, and so do you.

Just have to keep going

Big Os out

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