Influencer Marketing 101

I should have probably made this post before the previous one lol, but what is Influencer marketing?

Well if you didn’t know, influencer marketing is the practice of building relationships with people who can build relationships for you. Influencers can be used to reach audiences with trust as they have already built trust between their audience.

There are two types of influencers you can find:

Content Influencers:

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Here are the steps to getting an influencer:

1. Searching

Obviously, the first step is to search for the influencers in your niche. The best way to do this is to search hashtags that’ connected to what you’re promoting, and from there you can make a list of people you’ve found.

2. Checking Their Account

Once you’ve made your list thoroughly check through their account, this includes their social blades, their followers list as usually when people have a lot of followers with no profile picture it’s mostly fake, check their engagement rates (this can be done using Phlanx, anything below 2% isn’t great), their comments making sure it’s not just the typical heart eyes or nice pic comments, and their likes. It seems like a lot, but It’s vital that these things are done.

3. Contact

If an email is provided contact them there first, if they haven’t responded in over 24 hours proceed to send a DM. It’s important your first words stand out so adding “🔥🔥BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY🔥🔥” or something different along those lines will attract attention to your message. That traditional “Hey” will get lost with the other messages all in the person requests as they do not follow you.

If you do get a response, you’ll probably get greeted with three things: what are you promoting, what their price is and what your budget is. Try and get them to tell you their price first so you can begin to negotiate. For example, if they say their price is £60, tell them you usually pay £40 – £50 pound for someone with their amount of followers in this niche, but you’ll happily pay them £55. People will most likely accept because they want the quick money but if they don’t budge you’ll have to pay their price. Remember you’re paying them, so make sure you’re clear with what you want; a post, story and a link, and also for them not to post for up to 6 hours after your ad. This is because Instagram favours the latest posts so make sure there’s enough room for your ad to reach as many people as possible.

4. The Ad Itself

Make sure your ad is clear and truthful. Make sure it includes why people should buy, whether it’s a great deal, limited availability, or something they can relate to (hence the influencer). Use emojis in your texts preferably with videos as they’re easier to go viral, but if you’re going for photos use a carousel of maybe three to really show what you’re promoting.

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(Because we support our people 😊😉)

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