Memory Lane

I’ve made incredible strides in my life, and though I try to look forward and stay in the present my mind is filled with many memories and thoughts. Till this day memories still pop up undoing my current work and I still find myself spending chunks of my day thinking about the past. Memories are something I hold dear to me as they are what has made me the person I have become today. Especially a certain crop.

Over the past few years, I’ve been replaying a certain set of memories like a continuous photo album. What’s funny is it always feels like I’m in that exact moment again, with the same emotions oozing through my body. As I flick through those memories, I notice how much I’ve grown, how much those people have changed, and the habits that have altered from those times.

There was a lot of bad in those times, but the little that was good held it’s weight in gold and I’ll cherish them forever. You have to take the bad with a pinch of salt because you can’t wish those memories out of existence. It’s pointless to try and forget them because it’ll make it worse when “those days” come and they really bite you back in the backside. All you can do is accept them and carry on trying to make even better ones.

I found with time it’s better to let these memories flow without trying to block them, and just to think of them as any other passing story. It’s weird because even though they don’t have as much power as they used to, I always have an attachment to everything, though I don’t let it show most of the time.

I am a different person today, but I’m also the same if you get what I mean. Sometimes I still get carried away with my thoughts, but within the clutter, there are little gems that glow just as brightly as a large group of bad memories, so how can I let that light wither away.

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