Soft Spot

Following up from my recent post (Sunday 9th December 2018 (17:52)) I thought I would make this a full feature post.

I don’t know why it happens, but we all develop a soft spot for someone and for me, I only realise it when the person has left my life.

There are about three people that have this title in my life, and although they have all done me wrong in some way I’ll always have love for them, no matter how small it is, or when I think those feelings have disappeared.

I don’t have a child, but I would feel the emotion is the same. Your child can do a lot of stupid things, be extremely annoying at times lol but despite anything they do, you’ll always have love for them.

How this comes into play is beyond me because there are people that I’ve cared for immensely and now they’re gone, I don’t even care or think about them anymore, but those three people still remain…

Despite the feelings and questions, it’s all good. While our relationships have changed, it’s all in the past and I’ve accepted that they will always remain with me until the end.

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