Control of Life

I can’t remember what triggered this thought but do you think we really have full control of our lives?

I’m not talking about “The government doing this” or “Poverty causes this.” I’m talking about our own personal actions. Think about all the footballers that never made it or all the graduates that haven’t been able to get a job in their field, and it’s got me wondering why.

I always hear about making your own luck and keep going and working hard. But life isn’t a fairytale where everything turns out how you want it. Using football as an example, I’m sure all the kids and teens who dreamed of becoming pro put their blood, sweat, and tears into football though they didn’t make it. Did they not try hard enough? Were they not good enough? Even still, how can you possibly say they didn’t try hard enough, especially being invited to trails or being in the team youth system. Since when was there a gatekeeper to judge what’s not good enough?

The trails I’m going through trying to “start my life” has made me ponder about this. I watch a lot of motivational videos and they’re always telling me I can’t lose if I keep going and work hard etc. But if that was the case wouldn’t everyone get where they wanted to be?

This is not meant to be a negative post it’s just something that’s been on my mind that I feel should be open for discussion. I would love to know what you guys think on the matter. Do you believe we have full control of the outcome of our life?

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  1. Rushi says:

    Unfortunately I myself find it hard to believe we have full control (or any at all) over our lives for the main reason being just like you stated, if hard work and persistence is all a person needs to meet their biggest dreams and succeed then why are there those who didn’t make it even though they evidently put the effort in. It makes sense as to why the lazy are homeless and hopeless in that sense, my only problem that I’ve seem to come across is that hard work doesn’t particularly guarantee a perfect end. These aren’t literal questions of course, just what goes on in the headspace when said topic is brought up.

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  2. Chagall says:

    Working hard versus working smart? Take football – there are 32 teams with 50+ players – so less than 1600 players total. That’s like hitting Lotto. And maybe folks are majoring in disciplines that aren’t prepping them for where the jobs are. Also, consider the old adage – it’s not what you know but who you know – I think that goes a long way to contributing to “success.” All of which have nothing to do with control of ones life though. When you throw yourself into the masses – the population at large – you are in control of your own fate when it comes to process, how you act, how you react – but you are not in control of outcomes.

    Peace —CC

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    1. officialosi says:

      You’re right and I hear your point very well. It’s usually because when people take about “you’re in control,” they make it seem that applying yourself correctly will give the outcome you desire, which can’t be necessarily true 100% of the time, but that you for your comment, I appreciate it ✌🏽

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      1. Chagall says:

        You are welcome. Have a great weekend. —CC

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