Top 10 Tracks Right Now


10. B Young – Juice

This might have been higher up, but it’s waaaaayyyyy too short man. Even though it’s still a vibe it still feels kind of lazy, especially with the abrupt ending.


9. Fredo – BMT

Probably my favourite artist in the UK right now, so whenever Fredo drops anything I have to listen. He’s always coming through with those quotables, you know Fredo is the waviest.


8. D Block Europe (Young Adz, Dirtbike LB & Lil Pino) – nASSty

I’M A NASTY AS NIGGA I KISS EVERY SINGLE BODY PART SHE GOT IM STILL A GGGGGG!!! Ayeeee, I swear I had this on continuous replay for two days straight. Young Adz has really started to shine since he dropped Trophy and hopefully there’s more to come.


7. 6ix9ine (feat. Lil Baby) – TIC TOC


6. 6ix9ine (feat. Tory Lanez) – KIKA

6ix9ine recently dropped his new album DUMMY BOY, which in my opinion was mostly underwhelming due to the fact I’ve rinsed out most of the songs that have been out. Nevertheless, these two are definitely the stand out tracks of the album, but yet again THEY ARE SOO SHORT, WHY????


Top 5. Jaden Smith – The Sunset Tapes: A Cool Tape Story

Image result for jaden smith sunset tapes

Kind of bias (ok it’s fully biased), but despite the majority of people I’ve spoken to not liking the album, I still feel there are some gems on here if you properly listen. Anyway though, here’s my top 5 from the album as follows.

  • Yeah Yeah
  • Plastic
  • A Calabasas Freestyle
  • Better Things
  • said she wanna go to SSSSSOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO (of course being number one lol)

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