YouTube Diss track Ranking

In light of the YouTube drama and the Resurrection of diss tracks, I’ve decided to rank all of them from the best to the worst.

1. Deji (feat. Jallow, Dax & Crypt) – Unforgivable 

This was a dick move from Deji, but its hands down the best diss track that has come out from this (mostly due to the features). One thing I have to say is though is that Dax KIIILLLEEED THIS SHIT! And I’ve definitely been checking him out since he featured on this track.

2. Quadeca – Insecure

I swear when this came out I had these on repeat for days on end. The first instrumental is actually so sick (if you know you know) and to be honest just the line “You talk nonsense, mediocre with a God-complex” pretty much sums up KSI’s music lol.

3. Randolph – Victory Speech

In terms of disses, I thought this was lighter than the first, but the production was a lot better on this track so its higher up for me. For some reason though, this seemed to hurt Deji more than the first one, I wonder why?

4. KSI – Ares

KSI’s best music has come from his diss tracks. You can actually understand what he is saying because normally it’s sounds as if he has trouble pronouncing his words when he’s flowing. In terms of a diss though, it’s very weak and Quadeca’s “You talk nonsense, mediocre with a God-complex” line is pretty evident in this song as well, although you can see that KSI has gotten better as a rapper.

5. Deji – RAN

To be honest, in terms of lyrics this song is fucking shit, but for Deji, this is the best shit he has done by himself (even though he did not write this). It’s the beat that brings this above the other two songs, but it’s not that good really lol.

6. Randolph – MANCHILD

I don’t like the beat so this song is low down in the ranking, but every single line hits which I guess is the main thing right?

7. Crypt – Warning

I’m not going to lie this is shit lol. The whole thing is just sonically unpleasing lol.

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