The Day I Almost Died

We now travel back to Coventry just before the golden era graduated. Adding a little of a backstory before I start, I was at a party that got moved to another house because the security wouldn’t let everyone in, and now the party is over and it’s the early hours of the morning.

I and a few others were outside and these two random guys were trying to chat up this girl and she just wasn’t having it. After years of persisting they finally gave up (kind of) and they just began chilling in the house. They wanted to sleep over but the girls (who lived in the house) we’re not having it which is fair. I mean it’s their house, and it’s around 6 am.

With these guys refusing to leave, Jordan refuses to leave because he doesn’t want to leave his friend with these guys, which means his friend staying at his couldn’t, and I didn’t want to leave him stranded.

The girls start getting riled up because they won’t leave and after an eternity these guys finally step outside to get picked up. But when the person comes down, they decide to stay.

Image result for what gif

So now they’re trying to get back in, and this is where it starts kicking off. The girls lose their patience and start pushing them away, in which one the guys proceeding to punch them and now Jordan jumps in with the other guy tackling him to the floor. I now try and take the guy off Jordan and the other guy then pulls out a knife on me.

Image result for shocked gif

Bruh, this guy starts swinging this thing like a lightsaber so I can’t get close to Jordan, and now they start attacking the girls. Through all this commotion the girl’s boyfriend shows up with a baseball bat (he was called earlier), and you could tell this guy was “about that life.”

You know those “test my gangster” people. He rolled up to them and said “Stab me if you’re bad, you man are pussies,” and I’m just there like

Image result for oh lord gif

These guys start going at it until a car suddenly pulls up and the two random guys are dragged inside and driven off. The girl’s boyfriend then gets in the car and makes a call and says “where you man at” (they said whatever they said) “Alright calm.” He then proceeds to take a gun out the glove box, place it on the passenger seat and follow the car.

Image result for ooo gif

At this point, I’m not trying to disappear from this place because the police were on there way and I do not want to be involved. After pleading Jordan for ages, he finally gives his key, so his friend can go to his. As we were walking down police were on driving up, and I was praying they didn’t stop us because… let’s just say it would have been bad for me lol.

Fortunately, they didn’t stop us and I was able to drop Jordan’s friend home and get home safely myself.
All in all, I really should have left when Rachel said we should.

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