What is Life?

What is life?

Really and truly we’re just over-entitled primates, animals, mammals. Every animal’s goal is to survive and we are no different. Eating and sleeping are all we really need to be frank. I mean it worked fine for the Neanderthals (though their life expectancy was terrible), but we evolved and now there are so many things in this world, but how did it become like this.

I’m sure there’s always been someone at the top, even animals in the wild have a leader, but how was this system solidified today. We go through the school system, finish and then apply until you get something (if you’re lucky) and I’m just asking myself why?
I’m sure the first doctor did not have to go through all that bullshit just to be what he wants to be, so why do we?

Even in the creative arts, let’s say dance for example. You have to go through a panel or somebody judging you, and who are they honestly. What gives them the “power” to judge? Is it because they’ve been doing this for 20 years more, or put their “blood, sweat and tears” into it? The funny thing is that the same person had to go through THE SAME process and now we’re just living in a world where we’re just trying to impress people, which isn’t life to me, but it is.

I ask this now because I’ve come out of University (for nothing) and now I’m stuck.

“You need to have a minimum amount of x years of experience”


And I’m just looking around thinking “What the hell do I do?” We see these flashy cars and expensive lifestyles and that’s what we’re all chasing, but is that life actually attainable for everyone? Definitely not. So if life is just about chasing the highest of heights, what is life actually? Imagine you spend all your time trying to reach wherever you dreamed of and you never got there. You’re now lying on your deathbed reminiscing about this “life” you lived, but what “life” did you actually live?

I know I went off script many times, but in my mind swaying in so many directions I just lost track. As “survival creatures” do you think we’re to fixated on all these big things that don’t fully matter? Can we 100% “live” when our lives are so restricted? Let me know what you guys think.


Let me just end with these lyrics from Jaden Smith.

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  1. DREW5000G says:

    Exactly, know the system https://youtu.be/YzTHg6AS72w here is a link to aid your understanding I hope it helps


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