SEO Foundations (Part Two)

Following up from SEO Foundations (Part One) which you can read here if you haven’t:

It’s time to tackle technical SEO, content, and off-page optimization.

Technical SEO

Even one error in your robots.txt file can stop your site from being indexed, so technical SEO is extremely important for your site covering the following things:

  • Crawl errors: Make sure to check your crawl error notifications in the Google Search Console and fix them if needs so. Having crawl errors on your site means Google will not be able to rank it or crawl your site’s URL.
  • Google’s access to pages: Ensure your pages are visible to Google in the Google Search Console consistently. Crawling errors do not always show all unreported pages have been scanned and indexed nicely, so it’s important to keep on checking yourself.
  • Broken links: This should be a no brainer and is a big red flag for Google, so make sure you fix or remove broken links from your page. This can be done using tools such as; Netspeak Spider, Serpstat, Screaming Frog Seo Spider etc.
  • HTTPS: HTTPS will give your site a big SEO boost and better security for your site. Here’s a guide on how to switch from HTTP to HTTPS if applicable:
  • Duplicate meta tags: Use the Google Search Console and go to the HTML improvements tab to find duplicates. Whether that’ll be URLs, content, meta descriptions etc. Make sure you find and correct them.
  • Mobile friendly: Test your pages to make sure they’re mobile friendly. This is highly recommended because Google now uses the mobile version of a page for indexing and ranking.
  • Loading speed: Another no brainer as having a good page speed for both mobile and desktop will give your page a higher ranking. The PageSpeed Insights tool will help you with your websites loading speed giving you optimization suggestions you can implement.


Better content, better ranking. Without content, there would be no Google. But SEO wise there are some important factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to your content:

  • Duplicates: I talked about this above, but similar content on another website or completely plagiarized content is a big no-no for Google. You can check your site with Copyscape Siteliner to find out this information on all pages on your site.
  • Content structure: Everyone knows that no one actually reads content (unless you feel it or the person), we skim through it. So it’s important to be short, use bullet points, and using images to make easier to digest content.
  • Schema markup: Schema markup helps Google understand your content better, helping your appearance in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

And again, higher quality content = better ranking on Google, as well as adding multimedia elements such as; videos, pictures etc.

Off-site optimization

Links are the alpha and omega of SEO. Off-site optimization will take a while to master to increase your ranking.

  • Links: You need to be able to find link-worthy content to stand out first and foremost. Understand which sites backlink to you and has a positive and negative effect on your SERPs. Also, analysing your competitor’s links and see what is working for them emulating their strategy.
  • Guest posting: Having your content featured on respected sites is one of the best strategies and with this, you’ll never run out of backlinks.
  • Directories and listings: Registering your business on directories and listings is the easiest way to improve your site’s positions in local search
  • Google My Business: A claimed and properly optimized account at Google My Business will help you secure a spot in Google’s local three pack, drive more local traffic, and improve your rankings so this is all round beneficial.


These areas of SEO from part one and two are essential to master if you want to increase your sites SERPs and traffic. Hopefully, this has been helpful and something everyone can start to implement if they haven’t already. Thank you to everyone that has read this (or skimmed), and I shall be back with a new post very soon.




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