African Parents & Entitlement

This is more so for ethnic parents, but I just wanted to stick with the theme of this series lol. Jokes aside though, this subject is kind of touchy, so I’m going to try and word everything carefully, and hopefully, I don’t come off as a prick!

But seriously though. African parents will be the first people to shut down your dreams and make you believe it’s unattainable unless it’s within their tunnel vision scope. How many adults are doing something they never wanted to do, but were given no other option by the parents and now they’re unhappy in their job. The funny thing is that if so and so decided to go against their parents and go down the route they wanted to they would get constantly berated. But if they eventually make it, it’s now “Yeeeessssss my child I knew you could do it!”

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And now with this current success and financial gain, they feel entitled to the money earned when they never supported you in the first place.

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“I’m sorry what????????????”

I know it’s your parents, I know they raised you, I know they put a roof over your head, food in your belly, clothes you on your body etc. But shouldn’t that be a given? Is that not what a parent should do by default? It’s not like I asked to be here. Sometimes African parents make it seem like providing for you is a privilege, as if it’s not how it’s meant to be. Don’t get me wrong it is in a sense as many people don’t get have food in their belly, or a place to sleep etc. But even parents that are less fortunate still provide the best way they can for their children, and it’s the same for any other animal. So why use it as a way to justify your entitlement?

It’s just like if you had an idea and took it to a friend and they laughed at you and said it was terrible. After a while, it blew up and now they want to be involved and you’re like

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When you think about it, how many successful people would we have from ethnic backgrounds now if they all listened to their parents? Especially from African backgrounds. You hear so many of their stories saying how their parents didn’t want them to do what they were doing, some going as far as sabotaging them just so they can stay in this bubble they’ve created.

Trust me I understand, and I will make a full post on it after I’ve finished this mini-series, but I would like to tell everyone to do what you want to do. Because whilst you were trying to make your parents happy, they’re going to die, and now you’re left with a job you hate, and for what?
P.S. If you wanted to become a Doctor or Lawyer in the first place that’s great. As long as you’re happy

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