Self-doubt just like anything in this world all originates from somewhere. Have you ever thought that it’s you’re making yourself inferior? Do thoughts and words physically stop your actions?

To remove self-doubt, you need to know the origin. Was it your environment? Do you normally talk negatively about yourself?

You’re taking away the best days of your life because of these thoughts, and they do not need to be entertained right before you make a decision. Because regardless of the thoughts of “What if I fail,” “People won’t like it,” “They are going to laugh at me” “What if…

The answer is YES. You can do it.

This is a mild example, but I’ve always been scared to put content out there, but that doesn’t actually physically stop me from doing it. You can go to the studio and sing on a beat, you can post a picture of your art on Instagram, whether it’s bad or good YOU CAN STILL DO IT AND LEARN.

You might not remember, but there was a time you came into this world and knew absolutely nothing. You probably saw Superman flying on the TV and thought you could do the same from on top of your bed (don’t try it by the way, lol), but my point is everything was possible at one stage in your life and still is! Just growing up and battling hardships have forced us to become much sterner and stronger.

Through our journey, we have learned this behaviour of self-doubt, which can only be unlearned by figuring out the origins of these demons and relinquish them. Those same people that laughed at you, will begin to boast how they know you in the end.

You are capable of many things, go and collect your blessings.


Big Os 🤞🏽

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