Really I’m the Plug Ep. 41

Really I'm the Plug

I took a bit of a diversion with the last two, but back on the track is Fazer with Killer.

From N-Dubz to…(I have no idea). Since the breakup of the group, Fazer hasn’t been “out there” as Tulisa and Dappy since, so it was always a mystery of what he was up to. A couple of years back though he dropped this track Killer, and to me, it was actually a banger. No surprise it basically went under the radar though.

Image result for jay z gif

I feel you should take a listen to it anyway as you might like it.

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  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Omg Fazer is so hot as well, such a shame he didn’t get more recognition. I miss N-Dubz. 😭

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    1. officialosi says:

      I think he produced most of the tracks, but he always had the tiniest verse at the end of the song and it looked like he was just there to be there


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