40 Day Blog Challenge

Hey guys,

I know this is something you do to start you off usually, but I felt I should do it now because:

  1. I took a break towards the end of last month from actually writing (hence the multiple amount of Photo of the Day’s) and I want to make up for that
  2. I’ve had this on my checklist for a while, and it’s only now I’m getting to it

I got these questions or ideas from another, whose name I do not remember or jot down, but thank you to you so much.

Image result for sending love gif

(me sending my thanks via the blogosphere)

I chose these questions because they’re different from the traditional type of blog challenges, and they have more depth within them.

I might have trouble with some of them, because like I said they really do have some depth, but I will try my best to answer every single of adequately, and hopefully, you guys enjoy 😊.

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