Day 3 – What Was Your Favourite Childhood Activity

I don’t know if you can class this as an ‘activity,’ but my favourite childhood activity was gaming.

Boooooooooyyyyyyyy did I love my PlayStation 2, and everything about games. Out of everyone I knew I definitely had the most ginormous collection of games across every genre (although I didn’t take very good care of the discs back then). I could literally spend a full day playing my PlayStation.

Would you believe my first PlayStation 2 game was Grand Theft Auto 3 when I was 6 lol? My uncle owned a game shop back in the day, so he hooked me up on the low low. I felt so prestige then because not many people had a PlayStation 2 around that time. Unfortunately, apart from the day I got it, my mum would not let me play my PlayStation 2 until I was older, so I had to stick to my PlayStation One for a couple of years (you should have seen how angry she was when I got my Xbox 360, absolute joke).

I mean, I get that I’m meant to “focus on my studies,” but all this hiding my Xbox (in which by the way I found eventually and would play when she left and put back before she came in), and stomping on my Xbox was a bit much. I mean you didn’t buy it number one, and that thing cost a lot of money.

Slightly went off track there, but I guess that shows how much I loved my games. I kind of miss how into it I was, knowing every new story, but as you get older, more things pile on your plate, so I don’t have as much time as I used to. That’s why I want to give special thanks to BeardedGamer82 (you should definitely follow if you love all things gaming) for helping me with the latest happenings when I can’t myself 👊🏽.

Fast forwarding, I’ve gone back to my PlayStation 2 and I’m enjoying it. Everyone that I used to play Xbox with switched to the PlayStation 4 (which you can’t blame), so playing these games by yourself became so boring, so I decided to go back to where that didn’t even matter. I’m very thankful that I still have my PlayStation 2 because a couple of years back I became very close to selling it, which would have been devasting for me now.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post, and are having a good day. Please let me know what your favourite childhood activity was in the comments below 😊.

And on a very last important note, let’s give a minute silence to the death of the PlayStation.

Image result for rip ps2

 2000 – 2019🌹

P.S. Rubbing Vaseline one scratched discs has a very successful working rate 😊

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  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Grand Theft Auto was so fun… so hard though, the getaway was amazing too and if I recall, it was based in London right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. officialosi says:

      Yhhh, GTA was defo hard for me when I was younger, and yhhh it was based in London but I never liked that game. The controls were too messy for me to enjoy it


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