Day 6 – What Charities or Organisations Do You Support

In short, none.

I don’t feel I’m in a position to be giving out money and to not be thinking later on in the month “I wish I still had that £10 right now.”

Another thing as well is that I don’t want it to be in-genuine. I don’t want to give because it’s a “good thing,” I want to give because I want to. Because I feel it wholeheartedly, you know. I’m more than happy to help and support people, but it shouldn’t feel like a chore, or forced because it’s a “good thing to do.”

When I get into a place where I’m good, I will begin to do my part on my own accord, but for now, Nah.

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  1. Nika says:

    Military and Firefighters Charities ♥️

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    1. officialosi says:

      How long have you been doing those for?

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      1. Nika says:

        For awhile… not sure exactly how long… but, they sacrifice their lives for us everyday.
        🥇 🥇 🥇

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