Day 8 – What Are You Particularly Passionate About

This is a very hard question because there are loads of things I love that give me positive energy. I love blogging, writing poems, making & writing music, just all-around creativity to be honest.

But a passion to me means that you’ll die for it, it gives you that fire in your belly that you can’t control. And although I love all of those things, I don’t think it amounts to that uncontrollable level I was speaking of.

I love when people talk about something they are passionate about, even if I have no clue about it, the way they would change, the emotion they would put into their words would leave me in such admiration, I could honestly listen for the whole day.

So when you spin that around back to me, I don’t think there is anything that TRULY makes me feel like that. Even though I truly love many things.

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