Monday 25th March 2019

Boy oh boy oh boy. Since the last time I updated Y’all on my life, nothing has happened to be honest. I guess the only positive is that I only have two more songs to record to complete my draft album (which will probably turn into an EP because not all the songs are going to make it for a fact).

But mentally, I have been in a madness since then. About two or three weeks ago out of nowhere, I’ve just become extremely and constantly down. There’s also this one thing that’s heavy on my mind, but I’m going to save that for a separate post. The rest of my issues stem from the tree of “not being good enough.”

Still, till this day, I have not progressed with getting into my career, and it’s making me contemplate if its ever going to be. PROGRESSION is the key word because even though last year I did not get anything, AT LEAST I GOT INTERVIEWS (even though they were very few). Everything seems to be going backwards and stagnant, and it has me wondering what the hell I’m going to do with life.

Nonetheless, I’m still applying for jobs, and I’m going to try something new in the next couple of days and hopefully, that works out.

Oh, and on top of that… I’ve pulled a muscle 🙃.

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