Building An Integrated Online Marketing Plan

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated Marketing is unifying traditional and non-traditional marketing channels and applying consistent branding, messaging and strategies and using cross-channel promotions so channels reinforce and strengthen each other.

Using Pizza Hut, for example, they have the traditional methods which are the store and phoning in to order pizza. But they also have non-traditional methods such as the Pizza Hut app and online. This obviously integrates their desktop website as well their social media platforms making it EASIER to sell their pizzas to their customers.

Why should you integrate?

1. Multi-Channel Brand Business: Your brand will be visible to different communities and demographics. Just thinking about all the social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and etc. You’ll find different types of psycho and demographics on each platform. So try to tailor your content for each platform to gain more visibility. Just having a website these days won’t work.

2. Clear & Consistent Messaging: This will solidify your brand voice. For example, if Pizza hut were running a Valentines Day special deal on their Twitter page. If you were to click the link, you would expect to see the same Valentines day deal on their website because that’s the reason you clicked on it for, everything across all the platforms has to speak with the same message, and everyone needs to be clear on what they are doing.

3. Cross Promotion: Maximise your brands reach and impact. The three types of channels you have are your paid media (purchase of adverts), your owned media (things you have power over to create and distribute to customers e.g. your website), and earned media (people that you have convinced to talk about your brand e.g. journalist).

4. Brand Credibility: The more you use multi-channel and the more you do cross promotions (with strategy), the more credible and reliable your brand will be perceived as.

How to Integrate?

In simple terms, you need to build a plan. First You need a narrative for your business (which I touched on in the last post The Start of Your Business). Secondly, refine your message so it reaches your target audience in the best way possible. And finally, identify your communication channels. If you’re looking for more of a younger audience, Twitter and Instagram are probably your best shot. If it’s more of a business to business, it might be LinkedIn. So, find out where your target audience is most at.


That’s all I have on this subject today, and hopefully, you’ve learnt about integrating your marketing channels. If you’ve got anything else to add feel free to comment as well!




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  1. This blogpost taught me to think about marketing clearly! Thanks! Great content!

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