Day 15 – Do You Have An Embarrassing Story You Can Tell

I’ve been pondering on this question from when I first saw this 40 Day Blog Challenge. And I mean sure we’ve all fell down in public, or accidentally called our primary school teacher mum (I know you have as well lol), but I don’t feel there’s anything I’ve done that I can class as “embarrassing” in my eyes.

Buuuuuutttttttttt, I don’t want to leave y’all stranded with nothing, so I’ll tell one little story.

I was in Year 2 and it was the lunchtime break. Now everyone knows public toilets are hella dirty, and from a young age, I refused to use one unless I needed to do a number one. When it came to doing a number two, (apart from my house) there are only a few other checkpoints where I would go to do my business, and my school was not one of them. I’ve needed to do a number two before at school, but I would just hold it until I got home, but this was something different.

This one right here was a matter of life and death, and it was either I’m going to shit myself and have that tainted over my legacy, or I’m going to finally use a public toilet and save myself from this agony. Initially, I opted to hold it in, but it got to the point where I had to make that decision that would change the rest of my days in this school. After a while silently dying I budged and raced to the toilet.

I got inside and immediately I got that rush of “everything needs to come out now” (and just on a side note, why does that happen? Like, you’ll be fine holding it walking home. But as soon as you’re in front of the door the feeling just lands upon you in tenfold). No one was in the toilet at the time which was a good sign (because you know how uncomfortable that is), and because this thing was coming out NOW, I pulled down my trousers, turned around, squatted, and let loose.

Please tell me why not a single plop landed in the toilet? And the thing is I knew it wasn’t, but I was already in too deep to stop. And let me not front with Y’all. There was not even enough toilet roll to pick that up and wipe my backside (and you know how bad the tissue paper in public toilets are. Hella thin and breakable). On top of that, I did not want anyone knowing I was doing shit in here, and the longer I stayed in the toilet the more chance of that happening was, so I left it there…

I wiped myself off, washed my hands, and the left the shit on the floor…

I’ve come back outside now and in my head, I’m thinking “Ain’t nobody gonna know it was me, how many people go in and out of that toilet. No one is even going to go in anytime soon as well.”

Well, I thought wrong.

Within a few seconds of me outside playing it kool, my friends I was with decided to go toilet,

It was all over.

As soon as they came out it was, “Osi did you poo on the floor Osi! did you poo on the floor!”

Obviously, I try to deny it, but it was so obvious that I was the last one to go to the toilet, and the news went around pretty quickly.

Believe my mum had to come in and I had to have a meeting with the headteacher LOOOL.

If there’s one thing my mum taught me that day was putting toilet paper around the seat multiple times before doing such things again, and it’s something that I have carried with me till this day.

But yeah…that was my embarrassing story.
When I look back it now, I don’t even see it as embarrassing. I mean I shat on the floor and so what lol. If it was on myself that would have been another story lol.

The fact that it didn’t even stick with me shows it wasn’t even that deep lol and not a single soul ever brought that shit up again lol. But I’m sure you guys have waaaayyyyy better embarrassing stories than me, so feel free to share them in the comments below so we can all laugh together 😄😁.

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  1. Oh dear god, I haven’t laughed so much with a blog post like… in decades!
    I have a similar one, it was much worse! I’m going to check out what that 40-day challenge is and then I might share my worst! hahaha

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    1. officialosi says:

      Well I’m glad it made you laugh lool. And I found the question from another blogger, but I forgot her name and I only screen shot the questions from her post 😬, but you should still share nonetheless 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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