Day 21 – What Are Your Hobbies


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I love doing this. Whether it’s a short post or over a thousand words it never feels like a chore to me. It actually bothers me when I don’t upload a post on a day, but I try my best to be consistent as possible.


Making music is another one of my hobbies. Towards the end of the month, I’ll definitely start pushing with it (money is low). I’ve released a couple of things on SoundCloud (which I know could be better), but you can listen to them below.


The thing about this is that I hated writing, and I HATED poetry when I was younger. But now I absolutely love it. Any type of creative writing IπŸ‘πŸ½AMπŸ‘πŸ½THERE!

As of right now, these are the true hobbies that I try and input into my daily routine (although that isn’t always possible). Of course, I still like football, drawing etc. But those things I have not done in a long while, so I might add them later on in life.

What are your hobbies? Is there anything new you want to pick up? Let’s talk about it 😊.

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  1. Nice list of hobbies. I share the first one. Sometimes I do some sewing and handmade earrings. You have some nice beats over there! Hope you keep going. The last one, in particular, has a really nice groove to it.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Hand made earrings, that seems interesting. How long have you been doing that for? And that you so much! Will do 😊

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      1. Ah not long enough, just for about a month and something! πŸ˜„

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      2. officialosi says:

        Soon to become an expert 😁😁


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