Day 25 – Is There Anyone You Can Interview

Well, the answer to that question is you damn right I can. If you haven’t seen my post Really I’m the Plug Ep. 45 you should definitely check it out now because I’ve got the FIRST, an exclusive interview with the man himself, Dapper Daps.

So let’s kick this off.

Q: Who was the first artist or song that resonated with you? Do you remember your first vibe?

A: “If we’re talking about rap. I would say the first song I ever recited word for word was G Unit – My Buddy. But even before that, it was even jazz music. My Dad loved listening to smooth jazz, and at the very beginning, I heavily influenced by ’70s and 80’s music. People like Quincy Jones, Evelyn Champagne, Patti LaBelle, Patrice Rushen, The Whispers, Mary J Blige and people like that. When you listen to my music, you can hear the soulful combination of everything, because nowadays people are not making this type of music.”

Q: Wow, that’s a classy plethora of artists. With that being said, what made you want to start creating music? Where did you catch the music bug from?

A: “I feel like I’ve always had the urge to write my thoughts down, so it kinda started like that. I began writing down things that rhymed, and from there I started listening to beats, and from there I started structuring songs around the beat. Before I just used to listen to music, but I would always want to recite it, which gave me the urge to write my own stuff. So it’s not necessarily something made me want to write, I just had that urge to start writing and structuring the words around beats to make my own music, which is the same way I do it now.”

Q: We’ve talked about the people who inspired and resonated with you from the start of your journey, but who would you say inspires you today? Whether that’ll be with your sound or the structure of your lyrics. Who currently resonates with you in the music scene?

A: “Dave is someone I listen to quite a lot now because of his album (Psychodrama), and before he’s produced some good music. In the UK I used to listen to a lot of early Wretch 32, Knucks, Dizzee Rascal (Boy in da Corner) and Skepta to a point as I don’t really listen to everything. From over in the states I would say; Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul. It’s quite abstract stuff I listen to. But I would say the person I listen to the most for creative inspiration is JAY-Z, more so his past work, but Reasonable Doubt is the best one for me. A lot of the stuff I tend to write over is sample based from the past, so that’s the main source of my inspiration. Especially in Reasonable Doubt because the melodies he’s using is smooth, and you can tell he took his time with that.”

Q: With all these creative influences, how would you describe your music in your own words?

A: “Debonair Music. It’s a laid back type of feel. It’s smart, funny. Cool calm collected music, you know. It’s nice and easy, but it also has a sophisticated feel.”

Q: How far are you looking to take your ‘Debonair Sound,’ and what’s your plan in attacking the goals you’ve set for the future?

A: “A small gradual following and doing more shows to get my name and music out there is the first matters on my list. I also want to support my own platforms so I can release my own music recouping all expenses that I would pay for. It’s a snowball effect basically, as my name will spread around from word of mouth through those things. I mean, there are people out there waiting.”

Q: I’m happy you’re looking to grow and take ownership. This tells me you’re taking this very seriously and looking at the long term, instead of short term gains. But with so many artists out there already, why should people listen to you? What makes you unique to the other artists out there already?

A: “From my perspective, what I’m bringing to the table is vibes, lyrics, and flavour. I’m coming out the gate with a sound, Debonair Music. I’m coming out with something you can vibe to, listen to, and pay attention to. And as I’m writing I’m only getting better. When I come out with my project heads are gonna turn, heads are gonna roll in fact, it’s quotables you get me, not just in this interview, but in the songs you get me.”

Q: I can definitely hear you on the lyrics and vibes you talk about. You sound like (and I know first hand) you take time with your craft. What is the message you’re trying to deliver through your music, and your sound?

A: “I can say the cliche thing like I’m trying to convey a strong positive message (which I am), but I’m making it a point to only use black girls in my video, try not to say “bitch,” and subliminally send a message. But as I develop as an artist, I feel like I’m going to use more storytelling methods, and incorporate more political things inside of my music. But at this stage right now, I’m just showing you how wavy I am I can’t even lie! I can’t lie! I’m just showing you how Debonair I am, how suave, sophisticated, boujee, how I was raised you get me. Just silver spoon type tings you get me. But at a point in time, it’ll be storytelling. I’m really trying to get into the words, and with time you’ll really hear what I stand for. I’m not one of these artists that’ll you hear in everyday conversation (antics) or catch me slipping saying the wrong thing. I’m going to put it in my music so you understand my ideology in music as well as my actual personality.”

Q: You just mentioned your project coming out, when can we expect that to drop (and don’t lie like Dave)?

(If y’all haven’t seen it)

A: (Laughs) 27th of June. That’s the day I’m working to. And the title, Look Out For My Phone Case.

Q: I and the people will hold you to that (laugh). But since your journey has begun, what has been your proudest moment in music so far?

A: “Probably videoing my first song Essex Boy. I’ve been waiting years to record music to video too, and Essex Boy was like the combination of all those years.”

Q: I appreciate your well-rounded answers, you’ve definitely given me a lot to work with (laugh). I know you’re busy (at this point he was busy with his Jollof rice) so I’ve got three quick fire questions for you. The first one is who are your top 5 artists, dead or alive?

A: “In no particular order; Biggie, 2Pac, JAY-Z, Nas and me! Fuck it.”

Q: Got to keep yourself with good company I see (laugh). The second quickfire question is who would you like to share a stage with the most?

A: “At the current moment I would say J Hus and Knucks…And Dave, and JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Drake…Giggs, Skepta JME…Chip, SL, but most is probably the first three.”

Q: You know I only meant one right? (laugh), but it’s fine (laugh). To wrap this up with the final question. What is your favourite song that you’ve written?

A: “Probably Badder than, which you’ll hear on the project. Or Unplayable, which you can hear a snippet of on the Debonair Music Instagram page.”

Q: Wow, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and to give people an in-depth look on not only your music but as you as a person. I feel you give off a suave confidence vibe, and it radiates through your music as well. From my side, I wish you all the best in your musical journey and endeavors, but before you go, do you have anything coming up that you’ll like to promote?

A: “On the 4th of April I’m performing, and more details will be released soon. You can check that out on the Debonair Music pages (to be linked below), and the Essex Boy video is literally around the corner so look out for that too real soon! Also, I know I gave you a lot to decipher, but thank you for taking the time to do this, and I appreciate the support always.”


Be sure to stream Essex Boy on Spotify and other platforms, and follow the man himself Dapper Daps and the Debonair Music pages, which will all be linked below 😊.

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