Day 31 – What Is Your Morning Routine

Well, it depends on whether I have work or not because I usually need an hour to lie down to be mad at going to that shit place before I get up lol, but let’s just say it’s the weekend and I have no work.

I don’t necessarily have much of a routine because I do the same thing everyone else does. I brush my teeth, shower and etc.

The only thing I could add is every morning I wake up and watch a random motivational video, as the first thing you hear or see when you wake up is very important.

Another thing I do (on a work day) before I leave the house, is to spin the middle of my WWE belt and say beforehand, “I am a champion.” My daily mantra, and positive affirmation.

But yeah, that’s it. Not much of a routine, but it’s something lol.

What do you do every morning? What do you think I should add to my routine? Let’s discuss it 😊.

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  1. The Girl From Jupiter says:

    I like the champion belt spin. 😄 Reminds me of the Superman pose some people swear by. Others start the day with daily meditation or prayer. I prefer your method, with appropriate music to get pumped for the day.

    My daily routine starts with making my bed. Every day. Nothing like coming home to a well-made bed at the end of the day. Then it’s off to the gym some mornings, and then shower, and dress for work while Alexa plays my morning news report from NPR. Then I take along the healthy breakfast and lunch I packed the day before, buy a decaf coffee, and head to work.

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    1. officialosi says:

      Wow, your mornings are really jam packed. I don’t even eat breakfast myself because I get hungry really quickly afterwards (especially at work), so if I don’t I feel exactly the same till it’s lunch time. And definitely 😊

      (It was a lot of money, but I love the belt to lol).

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