Day 37 – Can You Walk Your Audience Through A Step By Step Process

I was going to make this a separate post, but there isn’t anything else I can think of that wholly comes from me apart from this. And even still, I don’t think it’s very full proof as a step by step guide, but this is how I do it.

Here Is My Step By Step Guide on How to Write A Song

1. Find a beat: You can’t write without having something to flow on. I mean you could, but to then get it in sync with a beat is just another mission that doesn’t need to be taken. I would recommend that you find a beat of your liking first, so you have something to write over.

2. Listen to the beat one time over first: Going through beats is a long process. I usually give a beat less than 30 seconds to see if I like it or not before moving on to the next one. But once you’ve found the beat of your choice I would say it’s important to listen to it at least once over to see where the beat takes you. Every single beat writes itself (in my opinion), and each one takes you to a different place, or around a certain area. Your job is to pinpoint that exact location to write your melody to. Feel the vibe, and let it take you to where you need to go.

3. Get a feel of the flow and melody: How I do this is by speaking gibberish throughout the beat. From this, I will understand how I’m flowing through each section, and I’ll know the melody for my chorus. It’s like a little blueprint for me before I actually start writing.

4. Write the chorus first: These days especially, the chorus is probably 90% of the song. It doesn’t even matter what the hell you’re saying in the verses, but if that chorus slaps, you’re on to a winner. That’s not to say write rubbish in your verses, but give yourself a strong focal point in the song. The main reason I say write the chorus first is that it helps you fill in the gaps of the verses. 9/10 the chorus usually sums up what the song is about or centered around, so if you’ve got that down it’ll be easier for you to do the verses.

5. Write the verses: I can’t really help with this one to be honest, because it’s all personally down to you. Rappers will have their own rhyme scheme and structure, singers will have their own tone and singing style, so it all comes down to you as an individual. But I’m sure if you combine the first four points above, you’ll be able to navigate your way to where you’re destined to be. I personally like to make every line link from the previous one and to be smart with my words, but at the same time making it all make sense.

Here is an example of the first thing I wrote, versus something I did much later. Before you cuss me on the first one lol, it was a very long time ago, and the beat was terrible. But in my head, I thought “If I can write to this, I can write to anything.”

(please don’t take that approach)

Despite the vast difference in quality between them (which is evident), the one thing that remains is the links between each line.

In my terrible first attempt, you can see the “chilling on the block” to “Ice trays,” then keeping on the theme of the “block,” to “Rubix Cube,” then to “Nice brains” because you have to be smart to do a Rubix cube and etc. It’s fucking terrible don’t get me wrong, but you can see where I’m getting at lol.

Moving on to the second one, you can see all the speed references at the start; Usian, Flash, and Dash. 0-100 is also speed, but they are also numbers which can also be interpreted with cash in which Fredo (rapper) has a lot of. “Bands” is also a slang term for cash, but it can also be a boy or girl group, so the high notes like the singers, but “notes” is still cash… (you can see where I’m going with this).


But yeah, this is my step by step guide of how to write a song. It may or may not be helpful to you, but this is how I do it, and hopefully, it’ll give you a guideline 😊.

Oh and thank you Adina for the idea (before I get my verbal attack).

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  1. verbal attack you know 😂, glad I could be of assistance haha.

    It’s quite refreshing to understand how you structure and write your songs, will definitely try your approach!

    Look forward to hearing your EP soon 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. officialosi says:

      I’m thankful lol 😊.

      And thank youuu, it’s actually kind of a different thought process as well when I’m writing a singing song (which I should do as well, but we shall see).

      And God knows when that’s coming out because I’m getting fired next week 😬 (real talk)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. patiently awaiting a singing version!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. officialosi says:

        Yhhh, I got a meeting coming up, but it is what it is. Aannnnd it’s really only number 5 that changes


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