Day 38 – What Are Some Tips You Can Share

We have finally come to the end of my 40 Day Blog Challenge (although it’s not actually 40, I’ve explained why before). I try not to be generic on this page, and in life, so I don’t want to say stuff like “Wash your face with tea tree oil for clearer skin.” I mean, doesn’t everyone know that? (well you should anyway).

So racking my brain and thinking, hmm, what tips can I give that have come solely from me just living life, purley from me? And I can only think of one thing that is very personal to me, but probably has no relation to you…


And with that being said, my tip of the day is don’t try and fall in love with them or whatever, it’s a waste of time.

Thank you for coming to my TED Talk…


Nah lol, even though I wasn’t joking the only tip I can actually give apart from that is for the people that still use discs. If your disc is scratched or doesn’t work, just apply a small amount of vaseline to rub around it, and it should do the trick…90% of the time.


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