Instagram Weekly (Sometime)

Welcome to Instagram Sometime, because that’s the schedule when I decided to post these apparently. I know it feels like years (hence the amount of pictures on this post). But if you want to see my Instagram all the time, and the videos not on this post, follow me right here:

“2nd To Last”


“I’m Real Happy As You Can See 😬”


“This Is The Last Of My Face Because Even I’m Getting Tired Of It.”


“Millennium Puzzle”


“I See You (Nah, I Really Do)”


Your Time Is Up, My Time Is Now


“Big Tings Going On”


54 Stu Lane (This Woulda Been A Full Picture, But The Bin Killed It)




“City Lights, Building Nights”


I Really Wanna Know Where These Two Are.”


Infinity Stones”


“Be The Hero You Needed.”


Be My Peace
Be My Healing
Be My Hinata.


Spotlight, Sunlight”


“She Said The Dough Won’t Make Her Go Nuts, But I Bet Krispy Kremes Will 😋”


Krispy Kreme Bun???? (Shit Was Acc Nice Tho)


Krispy Kreme Bun???? (Shit Was Acc Nice Tho)


Uglier Up Close You’ll See When We Meet



In The Back We Have A Wild Rahul Who Will Eat Anything In His Sight”



Still Hold All The Pieces Around My Neck, Waiting For My Chain Reaction.
Who The Fuck Am I Meant To Link With The Best…


I’m Not Even That Type Of Person, But I Was The Cutest Out Of All These Niggas. And Just Incase Angel Decides To Comment, You Still Ain’t Glo’d Up 😊


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    The dessert looks like it’s from Treatz!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. officialosi says:

    It’s from creams, but I guess it’s all the same thing lol


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