First Year of University (Part Three)

Part One and Part Two are available in the links below if you haven’t read it already, but lets get into Part Three!

First Year of University (Part One)

First Year of University (Part Two)


We all went to Birmingham to celebrate.

This was probably the worst time for me to go out because two weeks prior I just had my first throwing up incident from alcohol (involving a mixture of cheesy chips and the mixing of browns and whites), and the taste and smell of alcohol just made me sick.

Believe at pre-drinks it took me the WHOLE TIME to finish just one cup of vodka and coke. I don’t think you understood the struggle I was going through. Then in the car, they were trying to make me drink from the vodka bottle, and although I had like two sips, I just couldn’t do it anymore, so I got to the club sober as fuck.

To make matters worse, the club we went to was full of Asians (there was like one white person and five black people including me). And it’s not that I dislike Asians, but when I would try and move to (chat up) the Asian girls in Coventry they would only go for the other Asian guys, so by default, I just ended up leaving them alone. Putting those two things together I knew it was going to be a long night, and it was playing out like that until Hiren said “let’s play a game to see how many girls we can get”

Image result for birdman hand rub gif

(Now you’re talking my language) *In Drake’s voice*

Image result for let the games begin gif

I’m not trying to lose, so in whatever state I’m in I’m putting in the work. No lie he was winning at first, but obviously, the boy ended up taking the lead. I was even surprised because in Coventry (in my experience anyway) THE ASIAN GIRLS ONLY GO FOR ASIAN GUYS.

But fast-forwarding now, I’m currently winning 11-10 (I won 12-10 by the way), and as I’m whining with this girl this black girl comes in and we immediately lock eyes. She’s with her friend, but she’s not important to the story (no offense), but as we’re staring at each other she walks straight into my direction and just stands next to me looking. Now, this girl is still dancing on me, and I didn’t want to be rude and just push her off, but then she turns around as says “It’s ok, you can dance with her if you want.” And I’m there thinking.

Image result for you da real mvp gif

So me and Vanessa (yes that was her name, and I will never forget it) got to it. She was dishing out the maddest whines, the conversation was flowing nicely, all of that. So we’re dancing and dancing, and then the DJ starts playing slow jams.

Now, in my short illustrious career of being gyaldem sugar, never in my life (at that point) had I ever had someone do a front whine with me, so I’m like:

Image result for cardi b okurrr gif

So the song is going on, our heads are getting closer (you know the drill) go in for the kiss and as we peck she moves her head back and says “I have a boyfriend.”

Image result for what gif

Ehn? Excuse me? So you mean to tell me you did all of this, and at the very moment we touched lips you suddenly remembered you had a boyfriend?

Image result for what gif

In my head, I just thought this girl isn’t serious. So I asked her where her boyfriend was and she told me she was in London. So now we were going back and forth back and forth, but let me just continue with the story.

So anyway, after she cheated on her boyfriend this is when I had finally reached my full powers. After that day, the student had become the master.

Certified Gyaldem Sugar, you get me.

Every night, no matter what state I was in I was securing left right and center (and I don’t mean fucking a girl every night before y’all start talking lol).

Which happened to be around the time where this happened: My First Time

Till this finally this happened: The Day I Met You

oint in my life, I can honestly say I was truly happy for the first time ever. Do you know what being truly happy feels like? Absolutely nothing can get you down, for some reason you’re always full of energy, and EVERYTHING is just gooood. I was actually living the dream. To think how things were before university, and now it’s completely turned upside down in a matter of months is incredible.

At that moment in time, I felt invisible…


Really and truly, everything said before this sentence (including the previous parts) are really just to add core background information to where the story truly begins. And it all started with a…

P.S. I was meant to add pictures of Hiren’s birthday, but they’re not on Facebook anymore, so I don’t know. Also, just in case I didn’t explain the The Day I Met You post. I did see her two weeks prior, but again I froze, so maybe I wasn’t at full power lol.

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  1. Sophia Ismaa says:

    True, Asian girls for Asian guys. Can you imagine how much trouble we’d be in if we didn’t bring an Asian guy to our parents? 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. officialosi says:

      Tbh when I would go to Birmingham it was COMPLETELY different lol. It wasn’t until the end of my second year they were becoming more open with it in Coventry lol


      1. Sophia Ismaa says:

        Give people time 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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