Second Year of University (Part Two)

You already know the drill below:

First Year of University (Part One)

First Year of University (Part Two)

First Year of University (Part Three)

First Year of University (Final Part)

Second Year of University (Part One)

But it was when…I had my first meeting with her best friend at the club.

Beforehand I was at home, in a T-shirt with shorts on. This was the first time EVER I wasn’t going to go out in a week. It was around 22:30 and I was on the phone to my friend Arin. Whilst we were on the phone I was going through my SnapChat stories, and it finally got to her, as I was watching I saw she was getting ready to go out and I immediately said to Arin on the phone “I’m going out.” He immediately exclaimed “What!” And I just said, “Listen, with or without you I’m going out.”

So he tells to come to his and pre-drink, and I’m telling him there’s not enough time we just need to go, but he’s telling me “Nah, 15 minutes and we’re out.” So I get ready and get to his around 22:45.

When I got there he had one bottle of vodka, and we started drinking through pint cups. I’m trying to drink quickly and get completely fucked, so I’m pouring the maddest alcohol to mixer ratio (at least half the cup was filled with vodka). I finished that whole bottle, and Arin only had one cup, but when I finished it my exact words were “This shit ain’t hitting me, let’s go man.”

(Me and Arin on one random night out)

But when I got to the club that alcohol in my system said to me.

Related image

Because when I got into the club THAT SHIT HIT ME! The only thing I remember in the club was my encounter with her best friend, so let me get into that.

So after a while of being in the club, I see her so obviously I go over to talk to her. Suddenly this girl jumps in front of me and starts doing some weird dancing. So I’m there just watching hella confused like

Image result for okay? gif

So I proceeded to walk past her, and she steps in front of me again and asks “What do you want.” So I said “I want to speak to her,” and she tells me “She doesn’t want to speak to you.” “Ok kool, but I’m not trying to hear that from you.” Her response is pure silence, just standing there looking at me, so I say “Look, I just want to say one thing and go,” and her reply is “Yeah say it,” but obviously I’m not trying to talk to her which I tell her, but again, she just says nothing and just looks at me.

Throughout all of this, she’s laughing in the background, and I can see I’m not going to get anywhere with her best friend. So I decided to go the long way around to speak to her but again, her friend jumps in front of me, so I just left it (I think my friend tried as well, but it was the same shit). The only thing I remember is walking back home (kind of). I had the most blurry vision, and I could barely walk. My friend lived in the opposite direction to me so he went home and I had to make my own way back. I remember these group of people I met on the way helping me up to a certain point (because of course, they have to go their way) till I got back home and passed out on my bed.

Believe when I woke up I was FULLY CLOTHED, I mean with my Timberlands still on with my jacket under the covers. The number of calls that morning I got asking how I am etc. was a madness because I honestly didn’t remember anything.

My next encounter with them was the one that changed everything, and I wasn’t even looking for it either. My friend wanted to move to some girl, so I asked him to show me where and I waited. He always would go “Nah next song, Nah next song,” (wasting my time) so I stood next to the pillar and waited. The girl he was eyeing, was also near to “her” and her friends but I didn’t approach her. Whilst I was on my phone waiting for this guy to make his move, her best friend came over to me again and asked me “Why am I being weird”

Image result for what gif

(“What” was my actual response)

Then she goes “If you want to be her friend be her friend, but don’t (something-something) she doesn’t want to talk to you.”

Again, “Kool. But I’m not trying to hear that from you,” so she says fine and calls her over. She tells her to “Tell me” then she says something in my ear. I honestly didn’t hear a word, and I didn’t want to go “Huh?” either. But just looking at her body language I just said “OK,” and left it at that.

From that very moment, I did not speak to her again. I would walk straight past her when I saw her and not even look. Throughout this time I started talking to other girls again (because I stopped). And I ended up meeting another girl on a night out, and things were going really smoothly.

But there’s always a twist that has to come up…

(I hate this part of the story)


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