Letter to My Unborn(s)

My little baby don’t you cry
Mother has done enough whilst you were growing inside
You’re living proof that pain can bring out the happiness inside,
and though you’re not here, you’ve already touched my life.

The most important entity and the best friend that has ever been
You hold so much weight that you’re more precious than my life indefinitely
And till the end of time I promise to do you better than I have ever been,
and I’m letting it be known that you are a divine specimen.

My life was a struggle and I’ve mostly been in the dark
My trials and tribulations have sculpted the iron in my heart,
but I’m sure there will be a stark difference with you.
I want you to be the sun and let your light illuminate the room like the moon
And rest assure you’ll never be in my shadow because you’re not working for me, I am for you.
And you’ll always have the freedom to be truly you.

I’m hoping this next thing I say doesn’t alarm you but I wouldn’t want to pass what I’ve got, onto you
I have to wear my jeans with these genes but I hope you wear you’re jeans with being free
Because it definitely wasn’t a perfect fit for me,
so I can’t imagine how it’ll be for you.
And even with all the love I have for you this world can be so cruel,
that’s true.

And this is something that’s hard to say, but there’s just somethings I can’t protect,
so I promise to make sure you’re ready for the things I can’t neglect.
Your first heart break, your first bruise,
sometimes pain can come in two
But you have a mother and father who will follow through
So that’s double the love for you.

You’re not here right now and this might be way to early,
But whilst I’m living and breathing I’m building my love for you prematurely
And that goes in many ways because I want you to be better than I’ve ever been.
The answer to my prayers,
I’ll be waiting to welcome you at heavens gate.


P.S. This was meant to be a blog post

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