Kodi Lee

This post today was meant to be about my zodiac sign, but I literally just watched this video, and I had to talk about this instead because it’s something amazing.

I don’t know if you have seen it already (although it is the number one trending video on YouTube right now) but a young blind and autistic man named Kodi Lee recently auditioned on America’s Got Talent and received an outstanding ovation from the crowd, and gold buzzer from Gabrielle Union, but that is not the point of this post. The main thing I’m getting at here is that there is ‘life’ to be found through anything in this world. The fact he is blind and autistic and was able to perform so astronomically incredible is beyond anything.

I don’t live in Kodi’s world so I would not know how difficult it is for him, but I could surely imagine it being an immense struggle compared to mine tenfold. His mum said something before he performed which I thought was very important being “Through music and performing he was able to withstand living in this world… It actually has saved his life.”

When I watched the performance accompanying it with what Kodi’s mum said, it goes to show there is always something in this world that can turn you into Superman (or Superwoman) despite where you’re at or your circumstances. Of course, people might say there are different levels of autism (which seemed more severe in his case), and “Stevie Wonder was able to play the piano blind” and all that. But when you can truly feel the greatness of someone’s ability deep in the depths of the dirt (being the struggle), you know you are on to a goldmine. And if Kodi can do it with no sight and autism…

Why can’t you?
And also, I would like to give a massive shout out to his parents for what they have done for him, absolutely amazing job.

Here is the video if you haven’t watched it already (or just want to watch it again).

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