Combination of People I Would Be

1. Hitch

Related image

If you’ve watched this you know how smooth Hitch is with the ladies and the way my life is I need his sauce in that department honestly.

2. Mike Lowry

Image result for mike lowry bad boys

Both Hitch and Mike Lowry are kind of similar, but I guess the difference is Mike is rich rich lol. It’s mostly just the way he carries himself and has such a presence, swag, and charisma. I would love to have a bit of all that.

3. Wolverine

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My favourite Marvel character by far and the person who carried the X-Men franchise (and I don’t care what you comic book fans have to say). But I kind of relate to him anyway, to be honest. The thing about Wolverine is how he gets the job done as a lone wolf even when the task is way above him.

A real survivor.

4. Optimus Prime

Image result for optimus prime gif

Out of all these fictional characters, I admire Optimus Prime the most as sad as it is. I just admire how much of an OG within the Transformers world and the leader that he is. The respect he has from his peers and how everyone looks up to him makes him someone I would want to be (plus, he’s a G).

5. Shikamaru Nara

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If I could honestly be a person in his entirety, it would be Shikamaru. The nonchalant doesn’t give a fuck smart guy. The way he goes about his business with the smarts that he has is an undefeated combo, which I wish I could pull off.

6. Naruto Uzumaki

Image result for naruto uzumaki gif

Started from the bottom now we’re here. That never give up attitude that he had especially from start. The nothing to something story. It’s something that anyone can look up to and strive to achieve. It’s the type of resilience he had right from the beginning is truly the characteristic I would love to have. There was only one answer in his head no matter how impossible the situations were.

His will is second to none.

7. Kratos

Image result for kratos gif

You must be thinking Kratos?? But it’s kind of like how Wolverine is for me, and I love that lone warrior spirit. A lot of pain throughout his life, but always strives to get the job done and won’t let anything stand in his way.

A true warrior.

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