African Parents & Communication

Decided to pick this back up for my new post, and who knows how many of these I will do because there are so many elements to African Parents. But as the title suggests, today I will be talking about African Parents & Communication.

I think every single African child (or most) can relate to not being able to have an opinion within an African household. A common disagreement is deemed a “disrespect” or a “fight,” and even when you do voice your opinion it’s heard by deaf ears because…I don’t even know why that’s the crazy part.

I don’t think African parents understand the emotional damage they cause of not letting their children voice their own opinions. All that bottled up emotion is then turned into resentment and a whole lot of other things. Then all of a sudden when you’re in your twenties it’s now: “Why don’t you speak to me more,” holding zero accountability or/and pretending to know what the cause is for that. You can’t all of a sudden expect a dog to stop attacking people “just because you asked” after training it to do that for its entire life, it just doesn’t work like that. So how do they expect us to open up all of sudden?

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Everything always seems to be “their way or the highway,” but what they need to understand is that despite us being their child, we are also our own person, with our own likes and dislikes, and our own feelings. We are our own human being, and we shouldn’t be limited to being the person we truly should be.

African parents need to learn to communicate better and let their children communicate with them without it being a “challenge” because humans should be able to express how they feel freely.

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