I am very pleased to be apart of a team who will be releasing a brand new dating app solely for black people! We are definitely overlooked in the dating world, and everyone knows when you are swiping through Tinder and such, it is predominately white (which I’m not taking offense to), but it’s nice to know that there will be a space exclusively for us to do our thang.

Image result for rihanna gif

In association with Berry, I will be writing posts surrounded around the topics of love, dating and etc. and will try to be different than the other blogs that write generic shit like “5 Ways to Start a Conversation” (although I might touch on a couple of those things lol). I feel like there is way more depth when it comes to this topic, with so many avenues that can be opened up for a new conversation.

Nonetheless, the app is coming out real soon (and I will notify you when), but for now, please follow the Berry Instagram page for updates, and a range of different posts (made by yours truly), and yeah, look out for the app real soon! #BlackLoveMatters

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