Berry – 5 Perfect Gifts For Your Partner

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1. Handmade

For a fact, anything you have personally made for your partner is way more appreciated than any type of material gift. The fact that YOU took time out of your life to make something for your loved one will place you very high in their good books. It doesn’t even have to be something tangible. You could write them a poem, make them a photo album, or even make a song for them. Even if it’s not the highest quality, the fact that it has come wholly from you means so much more.

2. Jewellery

This is more for the men, but that doesn’t mean the ladies can’t buy a piece of ice for their man. I genially don’t think you can go wrong with jewellery at all. And if you’re ever in a tough situation, jewellery is definitely your best bet (especially if you can get it personalised).

3. Baecation

This one is more on the expensive side, but this will definitely make your partner smile from ear to ear. A surprise holiday is one of the amazing gifts you can give to your partner and will be cherished forever.

4. Spa Day

Anything to do with pampering is a sure bet. Not only is it a perfect gift for your partner, but it’s a great bonding experience with the added bonus of relaxation and a little TLC.

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5. Continuous

Have you ever seen those voucher booklets/ coupons that can be cashed in at any time saying something like “Free back massage for 10 minutes.” Sure it’ll be abused lol (as it should), but it’ll definitely be appreciated by your partner if you made one. Another continuous gift would be executing a special day for your partner. Right from breakfast in bed, to dinner in a fancy restaurant (or whatever you choose). Planning a whole day with different activities might be a challenge, but this alone will show your partner how special you are to them, and more importantly, how special they are to you.

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What are the best gifts your partner has given to you? Is there a gift you wish to receive? Let’s talk about it.

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